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So, let’s talk shipping!

If you order something from us, odds are high that the item will be shipped to you. What can you expect when it comes to our shipping practices? Well, it’s quite simple.

We prefer not to use drop shippers. For the most part, we source locally. This means everything ships out of our home base in Las Cruces, NM.

We primarily ship using USPS, and we allow our customers to choose what offered service they prefer. If the customer really wants us to ship using an alternative company, please contact us and we’re happy to discuss these options with you, although any extra cost would be paid by the customer.

We do our absolute best to keep shipping costs down, but unfortunately we don’t have access to many “bulk shipping” prices like the big boys, so it may be a tiny bit higher than you’re used to. This is especially true for our international customers, which leads us to…

International customers

The fulfillment of international orders can be a bit of a pain, what with higher shipping costs and customs. Because of this, if a customer wants to be as cheap as possible, they could contact us about our alternative option. In short, we have suppliers that work in the EU and other countries worldwide that would be able to produce your merchandise and ship to you at much lower cost than we will, but the tradeoff is that we cannot personally inspect the items to ensure quality. As outlines in our terms of service, if there is any issue with the quality of your product, we will do our best to help you, but are ultimately not responsible for it.

The above only applies to shirts, hats, and tote bags. Our specialty items (plushies, board games, notebooks, and more) can only ship from us as we get them custom made.

We are constantly looking for new ways to bring down our shipping costs to our international customers, so check back periodically to see if anything has changed.


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