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Hey there, thank you for checking out Cypher Market. We hope you enjoy your stay, but first, we need to set some ground rules. Nobody likes Terms of Services (ToS), but they help keep us and you safe while you’re on our site.

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Alright, let’s get started on these Terms.

Scope of terms

If you’re on our site you agree to these terms. No exceptions! If you don’t agree to the terms outlined below, your only course of action is to leave the site.

When the term ‘we’ is used in this document, we mean Cypher Market, a subsidiary of Cypher Stack. When we use the term ‘you’ in this document, we refer to the user or client of the site.

Limited liability

In short, this is a “things you can’t sue us for” section. Basically we provide this information on the site ‘as is’, and for informational purposes only, BUT we are not responsible for how you use this information. It seems silly to say, but if you use this information to damage yourself (personal injury), others, or otherwise cause damage (material, reputational, or otherwise) due to the information on this site, we can’t be help liable. You chose to do those actions. Not us. This also applies if the information presented is incorrect for whatever reason.

Since we sell merchandise, all of the above also applies with how you use the items you purchase. We ask that you do not use these items to harm yourself or others, but if you do we are not responsible for it, you are.

Intellectual properties & trademarks

Cypher Market sells merchandise on behalf of free open source software (FOSS) projects. Any names or logos used on the merchandise is used with permission, and all intellectual properties (IP) and trademarks belong to their respective owners. It is advised that the user read up on projects they are interested to learn more about how they handle IP and trademarks for their graphics and code. DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE THE SOFTWARE IS FOSS THAT THE GRAPHICS ARE LICENSED CREATIVE COMMONS (though some are).

All non-logo designs on the website are made by Cypher Market and/or their partner designers and IP/trademark rights belong to the creators of said design. That said, all creators have agreed to license Cypher Market designs as Creative Commons (CC) unless otherwise specified on the product page. If the designs are licensed CC, you’re free to use, distribute, copy, modify, or anything else as long as you provide proper attribution. If the designs are not licensed CC, you may only do the above WITH PERMISSION from Cypher Market or the owners of the IP/trademark rights. If permission is not explicitly given, you cannot do these things.

Governing law & dispute resolution

Cypher Market is a subsidiary of Cypher Stack which is a business in Las Cruces, New Mexico in the United States of America. Your access to our site, including any disputes with Cypher Market, are governed under the laws of both New Mexico and the USA. Use of the site means you accept that you agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and federal courts in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and waive any objection (this just means we settle things in Las Cruces/New Mexico courts).

Other random things we aren’t responsible for

It goes without saying, but there are some parts of this process that we do not directly oversee, so cannot be responsible for. We list them below (though more may be added later):

  • Shipping: We primarily use USPS to ship, and any delays or issues are outside of our hands. We can try to assist you if there is a problem during the shipping process, but once the ordered items have shipped, we can’t take any responsibility for their state or shipping delays.
  • Certain international fulfillment: We produce many products locally, and try to see each product before it goes out to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. On occasion there may be a scenario where it is drastically cheaper to an international customer to work with an international supplier to get their products. An example of this might be a large order from a non-USA customer where shipping costs would be quite large. In this case we do our best to find quality suppliers, but we cannot look the items over ourselves to ensure quality. In cases such as these, if there is an issue with your item, let us know and answer questions we may have. We will do our best to fix the issue, and if all else fails we will never use the supplier for further orders.
  • Payment processing: We use Stripe to process credit and debit cards, so in the event that there is a problem with the processing of your payment, you’ll have to check with them, your financial institution, or card supplier. We accept multiple cryptocurrencies, and we are not responsible if the user accidentally sends money to the wrong address. Please double check the address before you send.

Right to change

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time and for any reason. The date that the Terms of Service has changed will always be displayed at the bottom of this page. Exact changes between dates and versions can be supplied upon request.

Updated January 24, 2020


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